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*you can also build your own IV! scroll down to view our individual vitamin menu*

Katie Cocktail


Our founder's favorite! Think of it as a Myers Cocktail with a kick — in the form of glutathione + a double dose of vitamin c.

b-complex, b5, b6, b12, zinc, calcium, magnesium, glutathione, double dose vitamin C

myers Cocktail


The “kitchen sink” IV, developed by Dr. John Myers. A Hydrate IV Bar client favorite!

b-complex, b5, b6, b12, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin c 



One of our most comprehensive drips. Great for hair, skin, + nails, plus a bit of relaxation. Glow from the inside out!

b-complex, vitamin c, glutathione, magnesium, 



Great for endurance, stamina, and acceleration of muscle recovery.

b-complex, glutathione, magnesium, calcium

Health & Wellness


Maintain energy, boost immunity, and increase hydration.

vitamin c, b-complex, magnesium



Super immunity boost when you need it most!

vitamin c, zinc, magnesium

Jet Lag


Can aid with mood regulation, immune system health, headaches, and dehydration.

b-complex, vitamin c, b12



Great for recovery of all kinds: from hangovers, headaches, nausea, to high-altitude.

b-complex, magnesium, b6


Want something more customized? Build your own IV cocktail with our add-ons below! Starting at $79.



for mood regulation, and healthy hair, skin + nails


for nerve and muscle function, mood, natural relaxant

b5 — $25

for digestion, and healthy hair, skin + nails


for immune system health and tissue repair

b6 — $25

for body to store and use energy more efficiently


an additional boost for immune system health and tissue repair

*please consult with our team for pricing — prescription required*


for teeth, bone health and blood pressure

Zinc — $25

for immune system, metabolism and healing

L-LYSINE — $35

this essential amino acid is an antiviral, and is beneficial for boosting collagen production, reducing stress hormones, and immune system health


for reducing oxidative stress and improving liver function


 upgrade your Myers Cocktail to our founder's fave! every menu add-on + extra dose of vitamin c (*upgrade available for the Myers Cocktail only*)


 Order another round! Add fluids to the end of your IV hydration treatment — $25 / $45 / $79 

VITAMIN Injections

NAD+ Injection


NAD+ (a.k.a. nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) promotes cell regeneration, + can aid with: clients experiencing joint + muscle pain, better sleep, mental clarity, + energy.

Great substitute for an NAD+ infusion when you're short on time. Learn more about NAD+ here!

injection included in the Shot Pass

Amino Acids Injection


| L-arginine, citrulline, ornithine |

This power trio has been used for increased athletic performance, migraine relief, improved blood flow, detoxification and enhancement of liver function, reduced blood pressure, increased nitric oxide production, and increased sexual function.

Clients can receive this as an injection OR IV add-on.

injection included in the Shot Pass

B12 Injection


The b12 shot is our most popular injection among Hydrate IV Bar clients.

B12 can regulate metabolism, boost immunity, increase energy levels + assist mental clarity.

Clients can receive this as an injection OR IV add-on.

injection included in the Shot Pass

MIC Injection


| methionine, choline, inositol, methylcobalamin |

Sometimes called "the skinny shot," this combo of vitamins + amino acids can help fire up your metabolism. 

injection included in the Shot Pass

D3 Injection


Sunshine in a shot! 

Vitamin D is your immune system's BFF. As we reduce our exposure to the sun, it's easy to become vitamin D deficient — especially in the winter months! It's essential in helping our bodies absorb calcium, improving immune system function, + boosting mood.

injection included in the Shot Pass

Tri-Immune Injection


With glutathione, zinc, and vitamin C all in one injection, the Tri-Immune packs a power trio that your immune system loves most.

Great substitute for an IV when you're short on time. 

injection included in the Shot Pass

Save with an Injection Package!

All injections (*except NAD+*) can be purchased in with a package discount — buy 5, get 1 free AND buy 10 get 3 free. Packages can be redeemed at any of our IV clinics.


NAD+ IV Infusions & Injections…

are available at Hydrate IV Bar – Flagstaff!

NAD+ promotes cell regeneration, and is also beneficial for: clients experiencing joint + muscle pain, the regulation of dopamine and serotonin levels, + stimulating sirtuins (proteins), which have anti-inflammatory properties, better sleep, mental clarity, focus, + energy, .

NAD+ IV therapy can also be beneficial for stabilizing hormones, improving mood, + increasing metabolism.

Click ‘learn more’ for more information + dosage pricing!

iv therapy MEMBERSHIP

Hydrate IV Bar Membership


every month, Hydrate members enjoy…

  • 1 IV therapy cocktail
  • 1 b12 injection
  • 10% off retail products
  • 30% off NAD+ injections
  • Discounted prices on NAD+ infusions
  • 30% off additional visits + add-ons
  • “Friends with Benefits” passes
  • Exclusive access to sales + events
  • Can be used at all Hydrate IV Bar spas

$139 per month, $109 for students 

Hydrate IV Bar Shot Pass

The Shot Pass 

Bottomless shots, anyone? This monthly pass grants you access to our best injection deal ever — 50% off all injections, all the time!

  • Half-off ALL single injection services — including B12, D3, MIC, Tri-Immune, NAD+, and Amino Acids
  • Limits apply based on efficacy recommendations from our medical director. Click here to learn more
  • Bundle with IV Hydration membership or enjoy on its own


$50 per month (no minimum monthly commitment!)


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